When Maggie was 7 years old, she asked her great grandma, “Will you be my pen pal?” Grandma Irene said, “Yes I would love to be your pen pal!”

So, for a few years, they wrote letters to each other until Grandma could no longer write.

Recently, at 101 years of age, Great Grandma Irene died. When hearing that sad news, Maggie ran downstairs to her bedroom, found the box which held all of grandma’s letters, and started reading each letter from her special grandma.

Maggie wasn’t the only one to save the letters. Another box was found in Grandma’s condo following her death. Grandma had also treasured and saved each of Maggie’s letters.

What a wonderful way to stay connected and care well in life and in death!

Consider encouraging your child to be Grandma’s or Grandpa’s pen pal. And then encourage both parties to save the letters. In time, that box of letters will grow in value as they reflect the memories and histories of two people.

Samples from their notes:

“My dear Maggie: I received your note today in the mail. I’m always glad and happy to hear from you.”

“Dear Grandma, on Sunday I went to a gymnastics birthday party.  On Saturday, I had a sleepover at Meredith’s and we danced our hearts out!”

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