Although it’s tempting focus on what’s wrong with our country, I encourage people to also see “what’s right in the United States.”

Here’s one example of “people helping people” which is always “right” in my book.

I learned about nine middle school teachers leading a West Ottawa Adventure School which is designed to offer students opportunities—after regular school hours—to develop such skills as teamwork and leadership.

These teachers receive no financial benefit, but receive the thrill of seeing kids step outside their comfort zone, provide support for their peers and overcome obstacles.

After being challenged by a high-ropes course, an 8th graders said, “I learned that it’s really important to communicate with other people and if you don’t do that you won’t be successful.”  Gabe said, “I had lots of fun and I got to interact with people I never really knew before.” (Maybe we adults could learn from these 8th graders.)

What’s right with America?  In my community, I see many people helping other people, and that’s beautiful and right and good.

How would you answer the question, “What is right with America?”



One thought on “What Is Right In The United States?”

  1. At Grand Haven High School, students can sign up for a “Pay It Forward” Class. Students go out into our greater community and learn about organizations helping others and then help that organization in a fundraising or awareness campaign. Cool stuff.

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