Hide And Seek Notes for Father’s Day


Emily Dockery has shared on the internet, 6 Ways to Honor Your Dad on Father’s Day. Here is one of her ideas which I really like:

“Making dad feel special doesn’t have to cost anything.  Grab a pen and a pad of paper, then begin listing things you like and appreciate about your dad.  Write several notes telling Dad why you admire him and why you are glad he’s your dad.

Write as many as you want.  When you’re done, hide the notes around the house: in his briefcase in his favorite chair, on the bathroom mirror—anywhere where your dad will find them.  Let him discover your notes throughout the day, or even through the entire week.”

For adult children wishing to honor their fathers, you could also list the things you like and appreciate about your Dad. That list would be greatly valued, but another way to use the list is to send your Dad a note each month listing one of the reasons you appreciate him, and maybe adding a shared experience (and maybe including a picture) which illustrates that valued characteristic.

See: “Six Ways to Honor Your Dad on Father’s Day,” by Emily Dockery

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