A Long Lasting Father’s Day Gift


Are you an aspiring musician or writer?  Are you the artist of your family?  Use your talents and what you like to do to create a gift for your day.

Write Dad a song, poem, or story.  Draw, paint, or sculpt him a piece of art.  Whether it’s about him or for him, you can show your appreciation for your day and do something you love at the same time.  (idea from Emily Dockery)

For at least 45 years, a unique pencil holder adorns on my husband’s desk. One of his sons make it when in elementary school, and as I said, “It is unique and special.  It was made by gluing painted white Popsicle sticks to a soup can.  Then adding the an extra special touch is the pink and purple fringe wrapped around it.  When we see it, we still smile. It has been a Father’s Day gift that has continued to be functional and highly valued for 45 years.

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