Dayna Butterbaugh, recently diagnosed with breast cancer and in the middle of high-level treatment, was in a beauty supply store.  A stranger walked in and effusively praised Dayna’s beautiful head of hair.

“It’s a wig.  It’s a wig.” shouted the shopkeeper.

Naturally, the customer inquired about the circumstances.

“Chemo! Shouted the woman shopkeeper.”  This turned the encounter serious as the admiring woman realized the nature of what she was now part of.  The shopkeeper observed in bewilderment.

Her new friend strongly encouraged Dayna to purchase the wig.  “It is perfect for you,” she said.  But the $200.00 price tag was too much for Dayna without first making a phone call to her husband.  She called him and he readily agreed she should buy it.

As Dayna moved toward the cash register, the stranger was already leaving.  They embraced and Dayna received a promise of prayer.

At the cash register, the shopkeeper said to Dayna, “That was a very nice woman.”  “Yes, she was,” agreed Dayna, opening her purse.  “No, I mean she was VERY nice, she just paid for your wig.”  The smiling shopkeeper gushed, “I have never seen anything like this.”  Then they both cried.

Reflection:  Three people were blessed by this act of kindness.  Then scores more, as the story is told.  The ripples of kindness keep going out indefinitely.

Start a ripple effect of kindness today.

Photo credit: liz west

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