Meals. Maid Service. Techy Stuff.


If a group of friends or a church family want to be helpful and caring to a person who is homebound for a few weeks or long-term, the following three services will be greatly appreciated and welcomed:

Imagine, If you were ill, grieving or had just come home with a new born baby, it would be so wonderful to receive a HelloFresh box each week for a month. Each HelloFresh box is delivered to you with all the ingredients and easy recipes for three delicious meals.

Another idea is from Amy Harwell’s book, When Your Friend Gets Cancer, she says, “When I was very ill, a group of friends gave me the wonderful gift of a maid for a month. They hired a woman to clean my house and to handle other domestic duties once a week. Wow!”

Another special gift for a friend who is home bound for a while or long term would be to use your techy skills and make sure the person has access on their computer and TV to view Netflix or Amazon Prime. These are sources for hundreds of movies and documentaries. Also, if the person is a sports fan, make sure that they have internet access and ESPN Watch App (where one can watch any ESPN program on his/her computer.)

So consider providing: FreshBox meals, maid service or your techy skills to someone who is suffering.


To download a free e-book on simple ways to care for the people in your life go to our post titled 122+ Ways to Care Well.

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