A Beauty or a Grooming Gift


Even when my mother was 91 years old, she still wanted me to bring her “Age Performing Cream and Night Repair Cream!” She also welcomed creamy nice smelling body lotion.

So maybe every six months, I put together a beauty basket for her. The basket contained such items as:

  • body lotion
  • chap stick
  • special moisturizers
  • perfume
  • a new nail polish color
  • a fragrant votive candle (if permitted)
  • a lavender-filled sachet to place over her eyes

Then to add to the gift, I used the lotion and massaged her hands and feet. Older individuals crave to be touched. So have some fun and put together a Beauty Basket.

Or if the person you are caring for is a male, you could create a Grooming Basket which could contain such items as:

  • chap stick
  • finger nail clippers
  • after shave lotion
  • hand lotion (my husband really likes, “Morning Mint Hand Cream” by Archipelago Botanicals. Order on Amazon.
  • body hydrating lotion (again try “Morning Mint Body Hydrating Lotion)
  • moist wet-wipes

Again add to the gift by massaging his hands, and if he is willing, massage his feet.

So add a little beauty, comfort, and refreshment to the person’s life by creating a beauty or grooming basket.

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