How Do I Care For Myself As A Single Parent?


With over 13.7 million single parents in the United States, we all have seen or experienced the pressures of single parenting.  Amanda writes that single parenting is “an overwhelming, exhausting job. Sometimes it feels like I have the whole world on my shoulders.”

Giving yourself a little space as a single parent is so important. It helps ensure that you offer your kids and others the best of who you are. Perhaps the most important source of “me time” you can find is a weekly commitment to take one night off. No dishes, no chores.  Pursue something that feels rejuvenating to you like a hobby, an evening with a friend, or some quiet time with God.  Let this be an evening you anticipate and plan for each week.

If you know a single parent, what are some ways you can help provide him or her with some “ME time”?

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