by Robby Dilmore

How about a new twist to Matthew 25, “When I was sick you came to me. When I was in prison you visited me.”  Thursday mornings I regularly do devotions at an assisted living center.  Recently when I walked in Betty was sitting in her wheel chair waiting for me to come like always for the devotion, and I noticed that she had been crying. So I said, “Betty, what’s wrong?”  She said, “I’ve been a member of my church for over seventy years.  You’d think that one person over the past two years could have come and visited me.”

I want to contrast that moment with another family friend who is incarcerated and has been for a number of years.  When he sees us coming to visit him you have no idea of the joy in his eyes and the embrace when he sees us.

Now let me ask you, if you were in prison or was in an assisted living center, who would be Jesus to you?

“When I was sick you came to me. When I was in prison you visited me.”

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