Oh, my Lord, what now?

How can we take care of her? Of him?

What of the other children? Of us?

My tears are like rain, soaking me.

My grief is like acid, eating me.

Why did it happen to her, to him? to us?

How will we help her? Help him?

How can we pay for doctors? For hospitals? For care?

Oh, Holy One, our God, help us to know

We are loved By You, and by others who wish us well.

Help us to trust in You, in others to bear this grief with us.

Help us provide the needed love and care.

Give us your strength, your courage, your hope.

Help us to learn it is worse to worry ahead.

Let us take this challenge day by day.

For that is how we will do our best

For her, for him, for us, for them.

Oh, mighty God, Dear loving Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

Fill us with your strength, your wisdom, your peace.

Teach us to trust, love, and cope.

And secure us in the knowledge that we are

Not alone, ever.

Poem by Mary Jo Waters
Specifically written for Wisdom of the Wounded

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