There once was a woman who was very depressed because she did not feel the presence of God.  She kept saying, “Why doesn’t God make me feel that he is here?  How can God leave me so alone? If I could only feel him near and know that he has touched me.”

The woman to whom she was speaking said to her “Pray to God. Ask God to touch you.”

And so she began to pray earnestly and reverently.  Suddenly, she felt the hand of God touch her and she cried out, “God has touched me.”  She went into an ecstasy of joy and then she said, “But, you know, it felt just like your hand.”

And the friend said, “It was my hand.”

“It was your hand?”

“Sure.  What did you think God would be doing?  He just took the hand that was nearest and used that.”

Allow God to use your hands to bring comfort to someone today.  Amen.

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