By Larry George

Do you care too much about what the neighbors think of you?

We always care what our peers think, and being a dad in ministry is no different.  On the one hand I loved my daughter, but I felt angry because her bad choices and actions reflected directly on her mother and me.  I knew what other people were thinking.  People, including family, have a tendency to react and to prejudge a person by what they see with little consideration of the person’s full story.

As a father, I thought that being tough and setting a straight line and not bending would force Rachel to quit what she was doing and come back home.

Finally a pastor who knew the situation told me, “Love Rachel with all your heart—like you did the day she was born.  Remember how you wanted to show her off as a new born baby?  Love her again like that.  Love her like Jesus loves you.”

And so I did.

Yes, I made lots of mistakes as a father.  But today I see what love can do.  Love can change both a father and a daughter.

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