It is very difficult for a parent to accept caregiving from a child.

George Schoengood says, “I am 91 years old. I have macular degeneration. My son, Matthew, is my primary caregiver.”

George continues, “Matthew makes it easy on me to accept his caregiving.  He never makes me feel like I’m imposing on him or his family.  He allows me to keep my dignity.  For example, he asks me my opinion on many things that are in the news.  He also asks my advice about his own career.

Matthew focuses on the things that I can still do like playing the harmonica.  I learned to play as a young boy, and my family still asks me to perform for them.

Recently, I fell and broke my hip and was in rehab.  I saw how Matthew was running between his job, his home and visiting me every night.  I thanked him and he said, ‘No problem, Dad.  You took care of me, and now I take care of you.’

George says, “I’m so very grateful.”

This story was excerpted from Chicken Soup for the Soul, Family Caregivers edition.

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