Have you ever hesitated to send an ailing friend a get-well card?  Maybe you thought they had enough going on, the card would get lost in the shuffle and besides, you didn’t want them to feel obligated to reply.

Well, I am telling you to send those cards!  They worked wonders for my husband, Bob, when he was diagnosed with lung cancer.  His doctor told us a positive attitude would boost his chances of survival.

We took the advice to heart.  I hung all the cards Bob was sent in the hallway; so that as he moved about the house, he was reminded of everyone pulling and praying for him.  He got stronger—mentally and physically—and lived six years beyond his diagnosis.  Even at the end, Bob remained in great spirits, and seeing all the cards from friends and family had a lot to do with it.  He knew he was surrounded by love.

Judy Daniels
Guidepost, December, 2013

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