My Great Grandma Lives On


I was fortunate to know my great grandparents, to be loved by them, and for them to be a part of my life. My great grandpa was taken too soon from Alzheimer’s when I was younger, but my grandma was here physically with us until my third year of college. My great grandma Winnie was […]

How to Have More Peace, Joy and Fulfillment

Do you want your life to be filled with any of the following? peace joy an increased ability to love and be loved a rare happiness and satisfaction a profound sense of fulfillment Most of us would answer, “Yes!” In his book, The Rhythm of Life, author Matthew Kelly states that if you follow his […]

3 Powerful Prayers

by Larry Mulder I’m in my 74th year and until a couple of weeks ago I’ve been pretty much of a failure at prayer. Then I came upon a wafer thin book by Ann Lamott entitled, Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers.  Ann writes that there are three simple, yet powerful prayers we can […]

How do You help a Child Who Doesn’t Want to Go to School?


Guest post by Cindi Reynolds “Help! My child doesn’t want to go to school. I don’t know what to do.” As an elementary school counselor, I often get calls or emails from parents who are concerned when their child doesn’t want to go to school. Here are nine tips that I’ve found are helpful for […]

Back-to-School Jitters? Coping Tips from a School Counselor

Guest post by Cindi Reynolds “My child is anxious about going back to school.” “The first day of kindergarten is next week. I don’t know who’s more worried—me or my five year old!” As an elementary school counselor, I hear these concerns every time the start of the new school year approaches. And as a […]

Nature Heals


By Amanda Price The calming peace and healing value of being in nature has a place in everyone’s life but may be especially meaningful for someone who is mourning.  A recently shared story by a grieving widow recalled how she determined to visit every one of the 31 parks in our county as a means […]

I Do Not Want to Talk About It

When there is a loss, some people process the loss within themselves.  They do not want to talk about it.  So how do you care for someone who is grieving a significant loss but does not want to talk about his or her feelings and struggles? When Laura’s dog Lacey died, the loss was very […]

Dear Parent of a Kindergarten Student


Are you sending your child to school for the first time?  What are your thoughts, feelings and concerns? Or do you remember when sent your child to school for the first time?  Do you remember how it felt? It would be such a gift to all parents, to have a letter from her child’s teacher […]

When Life Left My House


Marilyn, a Wisdom of the Wounded reader wrote to us and shared this unique story of a nest that isn’t quite empty but still requires an adjustment: I have four children; three of them left the house within 13 months. My daughter married in 2015…that wasn’t so bad, just an adjustment because I still had […]

Show You Care with a Helpful Cancer Treatment Basket


Editor’s note: The following story comes to us from Karen’s friend Donna, whose friend underwent cancer treatment. This story shows that the best gift of all is to just show up and be with your suffering friend. After finding out I had cancer, my friends stopped by with a basket filled with items that I […]

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