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Welcome From Karen


Welcome!  It brings me such pleasure to share Wisdom of the Wounded’s new website with you. Our efforts of late have been invested in creating a space where people can easily find the tools they need to extend care in the midst of life’s difficulties. In perusing the site, you will notice all posts and […]

Tips to Help Widows


Every year 800,000 people become widows and widowers in the United States.  We all probably know someone whose spouse died in the past year or two, and we wonder, what can I say and do?  Miriam Neff of The Widow Connection shares 7 “Tips to Help Widows: Please do stay connected.  There is already a […]

No Retirement for Aunt Margaret


No Retirement for Aunt Margaret By Margaret Stanner Where in the Bible does it say, “When a person reaches the age 65 he or she can retire from doing good and loving his or her neighbor?” This wisdom is from my Aunt Margaret. She isn’t really my aunt, but I asked her to adopt me […]

My Grandfather Sexually Abused Me


Acknowledging the abuse was horrible.

Admitting that my grandfather had sexually abused me meant three things: first, he didn’t love me; second, no one in my family cared enough about me to know that I was hurting or to protect me; third, I felt like a piece of litter that no one even bothered to throw in the trash. Realizing that no one really cared about me when I was a child was the most painful part of my healing process.

A God Nudge Story by Sara


I most certainly felt a God Nudge last night. It was opening night of VBS, Vacation Bible School.  I was an “extra” volunteer, which mostly meant I stayed available to take kids to the potty all night. I was standing in the back of our sanctuary during the closing gathering time. Parents were invited to come […]

Don’t Be Too Late


I have regrets. I wish that I would have communicated with my brother more during his last years of struggling with Parkinson’s disease. I regret that I didn’t visit my step father more frequently after my mother died. I procrastinated too long and too often and now it is too late. So today, I am listening to the wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson who says, “You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”