Mother’s Day

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A Young Mother Takes Time


What is more important to little children:  A clean tidy house or having just plain fun together?  Obviously, as an adult your child will not look back and think, “I am so thankful that my mom cleaned the refrigerator once a week and vacuumed under the beds.” A young mother, Ashlee, (she happens to be […]

How Do You Honor a Mother Who Has Not Been the Model Mother?


by Kelly Boggs While moms deserve appreciation much more than once a year, Mother’s Day provides a special opportunity for children to say, “Thanks Mom, I Love you!” You might ask, “What if my mother is not like the one described on the Mother’s Day cards?  Sadly, not all moms fulfill their roles as admirable […]

Mothers Only Want


Mothers only want their kids to say, “Thanks, Mom.”  Something, anything to let us know all those sleepless nights and anxious days weren’t for nothing. I got that in spades this year.  Along with exactly the perspective and laughter I needed: A reminder there’s no such thing as a Perfect Mother. . . or a […]

A Highly Valued Mother’s Day Gift


Some of the Best Gifts on Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day What is the best gift you can give your mother on Mother’s Day and what does a father want the most on Fathers’ Day? I can only answer from my point of view and the comments by 5 other adults whose children are also […]