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The Power of Listening


Two ears, one mouth – pause – What might God be telling us? Which do you prefer more when you’re dealing with an issue – someone telling you what you need to do, OR someone listening to you while you explain what’s going on?  I’m guessing most of you would choose the latter. Intentional listening […]

Just Because


“How are you doing? she asked.  “I heard about the death of your grandmother and have been thinking about you.”  My eyes widened in surprise and pleasure as I recognized my friend Melanie’s voice on the phone.  She’s a friend I dearly love, but we live long-distance and don’t stay in close touch. I told […]

The Ripple Effect


What you say. What you don’t say. What you do. What you don’t do causes a ripple effect. The questions are: How big of a ripple will you make? And what kind of ripple effect will you make?

Six Tips For Helping Those Who Grieve


1.  Listen to their story. 2.  Don’t give advice or try to “fix-it” for the person. 3.  Remember that grief is a process and the process takes time. 4.  Don’t interpose your own story unless asked.  This is not about you. 5.  Avoid using cliches like, “God doesn’t promise us a rose garden.” 6.  Check […]