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Help Someone Cry


By Chic Broersma A little girl on an errand for her mother took too long in getting back.  “Why?” Mom asked.  The youngster explained she was on her way home when she met her friend who was crying because she had broken her doll.  “Oh, said her mother, then you stopped to help her fix […]

Beethoven and Caregiving


Today’s caregiving advice comes from Beethoven: Beethoven was not known for his social grace.  Because of his deafness, he found conversation difficult and humiliating.  However, when he heard of the death of a friend’s son, Beethoven hurried to the house, overcome with grief.  He had no words of comfort to offer but he saw a […]

Are You Too Busy To See?


“Mam, do you need help?” Running late as usual, because I always have a hundred things on my plate, I noticed my gas tank was low. Frustrated, I pulled up to the gas pump, grabbed my credit card, jumped out of the car, swiped my card, and started filling the gas tank. How much gas […]

2 Are Better Than 1 – A Father’s Day Project


2 are better than 1.  If you are an adult and want to find a way to honor or please your dad, it is true that 2 persons working on a project are better than dad doing it by himself.  So a great Father’s Day gesture is to offer to help him with a project.  […]

Caring For Someone Who Is Suicidal


If you spot the warning signs of suicide in someone you care about, you may wonder if it’s a good idea to say anything.  What if you’re wrong?  What if the person gets angry?  In such situations, it’s natural to feel uncomfortable or afraid. However, anyone who talks about suicide or shows other warning signs […]