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A Treasured Gift for the Elderly


Do you ever wonder what to talk about when you go to visit an elderly aunt, grandfather or parent? If so, check out Telling Life’s Stories on this website.  There you will find over 70 questions to ask someone about their life. Here are a few examples: What was your favorite subject in school? Why? What […]

More Gifts for the Elderly

Do you know an elderly relative or friend and wonder what to give them for Christmas? Here are some ideas. Elderly people feel the cold more, so a cozy lap blanket, afghan, bed jacket, or a Snuggie would be a good gift. Offer to come by and decorate the Christmas tree.  Bring some goodies and […]

Gifts for the Elderly Living in a Nursing Home


Elderly people have their own unique needs and wants to consider when deciding on what to give them for Christmas. They will be delighted to receive a present that truly reflects your love and care, because it is tailored to their specific situation.

Some elderly people still live independently in their own homes, making one type of gift appropriate, while others reside in nursing homes and have a different set of Christmas wishes.

Transforming A Nursing Home Room This Christmas


The Christmas holidays are supposed to be happy, fun, joyful and overflowing with bonds of love. Although nursing home staffs make the effort to create a merry atmosphere, family and friends can go the extra mile to create a festive space out of their loved one’s room. Here’s how my family transformed a loved one’s room […]

A Wall Of Memories


By Cindy Terlouw One year ago after a short hospital stay, we brought our dear mother to a nursing home facility in the town where she was born and raised.  The doctors informed us that she was very fragile due to conditions surrounding congestive heart failure. After 66 years of marriage and having never spent […]

Are You Too Busy To See?


“Mam, do you need help?” Running late as usual, because I always have a hundred things on my plate, I noticed my gas tank was low. Frustrated, I pulled up to the gas pump, grabbed my credit card, jumped out of the car, swiped my card, and started filling the gas tank. How much gas […]

Birthdays Don’t Cause Unsafe Driving


My dad turns 89 soon and I think he ought to quit driving.  Where do I start? Birthdays don’t cause unsafe driving.  Health conditions do.  Before you  talk to your dad about your concerns, observe his driving and look for signs that it’s no longer safe.  Ask your dad’s doctor whether medical conditions could affect […]