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A School Bus and Musical Rabble


Doesn’t this sound like fun? Chris and his family (4 children ages 6,4,2,+ a newborn) rented a small bus.  Filled it with grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends, and they went Christmas caroling. Where did you go?  To the Warm Friend in Holland, MI (the Warm Friend is a Retirement Home for elderly individuals and couples.) What […]

Include Children in Meal Taking

A fun way to involve children in caregiving is by including them when you are preparing meals to give to those who are going through a difficult time.  There is a wonderful website called, “Take Them A Meal (takethemameal.com) In a post on that website, Adina Bailey, gives ideas on how to include your child […]

Caring Kits

As a part of our family’s Christmas Eve rituals we put together Church World Service kits for disaster or needy areas in the world.  One year we put together 300 school kits.  It was fun and even the young grandkids got involved.  We set up an assembly line and each person filled the kit with an […]

A Fun and Caring Habit

Christmas Cookie Fun Caregiving can be fun.  A yearly tradition in our family is making and decorating Christmas cookies. Even my teenagers have fun decorating the cookies!  When they are finished we all deliver them to the people at the Hospice home, to shut-ins, to children in hospitals, or firemen and police who are on duty […]

Teenagers Using Their Talents and Interests in Caregiving

A person recently asked, “I’d like caregiving to become a natural part of what my family does together. How can we involve our children in caregiving? How can we especially involve teenagers?” – Sue It is helpful if parents let it be known that caring for those who are suffering or hurting is just what we do […]

Prayers To God


From the book, Letters to God, written by children. Listen for some wisdom about how to communicate with God.  Listen to the children: Dear God, I know you are supposed to love your neighbor, but if Mark keeps taking my other skate, he’s going to get it.  Kevin Dear God, I am sending you a […]

How to Support Parents of Autistic Children


My friend Krista was in Burger King with her two sons. One son, Benjamin, has autism and was having a difficult time.  He was making strange loud noises and was jumping up and down and flapping his arms, as some with autism do. A man in the next booth got up and came to our […]