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What to Say When You Learn Someone’s Child Has Been Abused


One challenge your family will face when your child has been abused will be what to say to others.  It is helpful to remember that most people have very little knowledge about the dynamics of child sexual abuse, so their questions may be naïve, ignorant and sometimes hurtful. Prepare yourself for people to possibly say […]

Encourage Your Children to be Caregivers


“Children are so refreshing, honest, and real.  Encourage your children and grandchildren to care for others by suggesting that they draw a picture, write a poem, learn a song, make up a skit, or buy a little gift.”  (The Compassionate Congregation, p. 260.) Rickie says, “When my eight-year-old son died, one of his friends came […]

How can we model the true meaning of Christmas with our families?


One way we can model Christian Caregiving at Christmas time is a tradition which we have done in our family for 20 years. Early in Advent we send each child and grandchild the following letter. Then on Christmas, each person describes the gift which he or she has chosen, and how the gift will help to improve someone’s life. Then on a large world map, the person indicates with a star sticker where her or his gift is going. Then he or she lights a small votive candle, which reminds us that we are called to be “lights” in God’s world.

Experiencing Memorial Day With Kids


Do your children know why Memorial Day is a national holiday? Do they know the purpose of Memorial Day? ( The answer to that question is not to have picnics and BBQ’s and to have fun.) Memorial Day is an important holiday established to give us a time to honor and remember the men and […]

A School Bus and Musical Rabble


Doesn’t this sound like fun? Chris and his family (4 children ages 6,4,2,+ a newborn) rented a small bus.  Filled it with grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends, and they went Christmas caroling. Where did you go?  To the Warm Friend in Holland, MI (the Warm Friend is a Retirement Home for elderly individuals and couples.) What […]

Include Children in Meal Taking

A fun way to involve children in caregiving is to include them when you are preparing meals to give to those who are going through a difficult time.  There is a wonderful website called, “Take Them A Meal (takethemameal.com) In a post on that website, Adina Bailey, gives ideas on how to include your child […]

Caring Kits

As a part of our family’s Christmas Eve rituals we put together Church World Service kits for disaster or needy areas in the world.  One year we put together 300 school kits.  It was fun and even the young grandkids got involved.  We set up an assembly line and each person filled the kit with an […]