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How to Keep Your Sense of Humor When You Are a Caregiver


Being a caregiver for someone can be stressful, especially if you are the primary caregiver to someone who needs full time assistance. Although there are many ways to practice self-care, one idea that’s often overlooked is the ability to rely on your sense of humor to help you get through the challenges in your day. […]

20 Ideas for Caregivers Who are Feeling Overwhelmed

Are you providing long-term care for someone? Caregiving can be a thankless, exhausting job. When you’re so busy taking care of someone else, how do you take care of you? Even though it may seem selfish to think about taking care of yourself when the care-receiver requires so much attention, you must do so.  In […]

Avoid These Phrases When Someone Shares Their Domestic Violence Abuse Story


Guest post by  Sue What do you say to someone when she reveals that she is being abused? Anyone with a compassionate heart will feel strong emotions when hearing this news. While speaking to a domestic violence victim is best done by speaking from your heart, be sure that your emotions don’t cause you to […]

Self Care Tips for Full Time Caregivers


“I feel like a caged bird!” This is what a 60 year old woman said at one of our caregiving workshops.  She was the full-time caregiver of her husband who had Alzheimer’s.  “My freedom is gone.  I am on duty 24 hours a day!” Donita Robards understands this feeling. She is a registered nurse (and […]

Attacking Childhood Hunger with Kids’ Food Basket


By Chris Marlink As children all around the country head back to school this fall, you might be surprised to know that one in five kids is affected by hunger. Thankfully there are dedicated people and organizations working to help these children. Meet Kids’ Food Basket, a West Michigan-based organization that empowers communities to attack childhood […]

My Great Grandma Lives On


I was fortunate to know my great grandparents, to be loved by them, and for them to be a part of my life. My great grandpa was taken too soon from Alzheimer’s when I was younger, but my grandma was here physically with us until my third year of college. My great grandma Winnie was […]

How to Have More Peace, Joy and Fulfillment

Do you want your life to be filled with any of the following? peace joy an increased ability to love and be loved a rare happiness and satisfaction a profound sense of fulfillment Most of us would answer, “Yes!” In his book, The Rhythm of Life, author Matthew Kelly states that if you follow his […]