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Autism Is Too Big To Be A Me


Those Words that Let Us Know We Aren’t Alone I brought my son Max to a neurophysiologist’s office for an evaluation. If you aren’t familiar with a “neuropsych eval,” it is a two-hour process in which you must: Sit. Remain sitting. Give the allusion that you are paying attention while you remain sitting. Back then, […]

How to Show Respect to a Person With Autism


Remember  The person with autism is first of all a real person. Treat the person the way you would like to be treated.  Remember that non-verbal people can hear. Remember that we, the parents, are doing our best. Remember that we, the parents, enormously need support and encouragement. The most helpful expression communicates, “You are […]

A God Nudge Story by Sara


I most certainly felt a God Nudge last night. It was opening night of VBS, Vacation Bible School.  I was an “extra” volunteer, which mostly meant I stayed available to take kids to the potty all night. I was standing in the back of our sanctuary during the closing gathering time. Parents were invited to come […]

A Mother’s Story of Autism – For A Moment…


I’d like you to imagine that you are different than you are. Perhaps quite different. Imagine that when you want to tell me something you cannot get the words to come out. Maybe you have something important to tell me, like you are hurting, and you cannot find words to tell me, or you cannot speak the words in a way that I can understand. Perhaps because you are different, someone has been unkind to you, and you need me to know this…you need me to understand how this felt to you. You need me to love you…to reassure you that you are loved, and understood.

The Silent Epidemic


A SILENT EPIDEMIC  There is a silent epidemic spreading throughout the United States and if affects all of us.  Twenty-five years ago, 1 child in 10,000 was diagnosed with autism.  Today, 1 child in 110.  Learn more about this developmental challenge, and how we can care for individuals and families with autism.  Also see additional […]