Challenging Relationships

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Challenging Relationships
Search for Common Ground
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Challenging Relationships
Are You a Gossip?
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My Experience With Parental Alienation Syndrome


What is Parental Alienation Syndrome? Psychology Today describes it this way; Parental alienation involves the “programming” of a child by one parent to denigrate the other “targeted” parent, in an effort to undermine and interfere with the child’s relationship with that parent, and is often a sign of a parent’s inability to separate from the […]

God Nudge Story By Larry


My wife, Karen, speaks of “God Nudges” from time to time. I usually reference her nudges to something she read out of her Bible, some verse out of Jerimiah or Corinthians, out of devotional books, or the like. However, I recently discovered that sometimes these nudges have secular roots. Like from out of The New York Times.

Mend A Broken Relationship


From “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and It’s All Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson: An acquaintance of mine, whose health isn’t very good, recently told me that she hasn’t spoken to her son in almost three years. “Why not?” I asked.  She said that she and her son had a disagreement about his wife and that […]