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Help Yourself By Helping Others


Hirshel Jaffe, called The Running Rabbi says, “For over 20 years as a rabbi, before my illness, I had helped others through crisis. I was supposed to have all the answers. Yet when I got sick, I discovered I didn’t have them. I felt confused, frightened and desperate. My experience with serious illness has made me want to share with you what I’ve learned.

When my physicians noticed how depressed I was in the hospital, they said, ‘Be a rabbi—go and counsel other patients.’ I did, and my energy and zest for life came back.”

Write an “I Remember” Note


At the end of one’s life, we will not be concerned with (1) how many times we went to a shopping mall, or (2) how many rounds of golf we played, but rather the important question will be: Did my life make a difference?

Consider telling someone this week they made or are making a difference in your life. One way to do this is to write an “I Remember” letter. The following is an example of an “I Remember” letter I wrote to an older friend, Rickie: