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It’s Fun


Do you want to have some fun today? Then plan a “Random act of Kindness.” You know – the act of kindness you do for someone, especially someone who is suffering, but you don’t let them know who you are. For example:
◾Leave bags of groceries on the porch of a family where there is an unemployed person.
◾Leave a bouquet of flowers on the porch of someone who is grieving.
◾Send a single mom some movie tickets or bowling coupons.

Does God Still Speak To Us Today? by Bill Hybels


Bill Hybels recalls a life changing moment for him when he was a second grader. His teacher, Miss Van Soelen was reading a Bible story from 1 Samuel 3:1-10 to the class. This is the story where the Lord keeps calling Samuel. After three times, Samuel realizes it is the Lord and says: “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.”

After the reading, Bill approached his teacher and being amazed that God would speak to a boy, Samuel; he asked her, “Does God still speak to little boys today?” “Absolutely, God still speaks” she answered. She reached into her desk drawer and gave him a piece of paper.

Learning About Caregiving From A Porcupine


What can a porcupine teach us about caregiving? In Martin Bell’s book, The Way of the Wolf, he tells the story about a porcupine who was a misfit in society and had no friends: One day, a porcupine stumbled upon a raccoon who had been shot and was near death. The porcupine remained with the raccoon and heard […]

Don’t Forget The Patient


Sometimes I whisper, “Forgive me mom. I didn’t know.” My lovely mother died eight years ago, and when she was in a nursing home for six years, I certainly made some careless caregiving mistakes.

For example, when my mom was recovering from pneumonia and was bed-ridden, many grandchildren and relatives visited her. That was wonderful, but I was so happy to see some of these individuals that what was supposed to be a visit with my mother became a social occasion.