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Hurting People Hurt People


By Roger Price Have you ever attempted to help someone who is hurting, and they said or did something that was hurtful to you? It’s happened to me and my immediate reaction has been to write that person off and leave them to their own problems. This started to change when I heard two expressions […]

Name It to Tame It


by Rodger Price Twenty years ago my mother went through two days of waiting for test results that would tell us if she had terminal liver cancer. It was a tough two days. When the doctor told us the results were the worse-case scenario, her first words were, “Well, at least now I know.” She […]

Inside Looking Outside


Editor’s Note: The following blog post is written by Randy Simpson, an inmate at a correctional facility. One of the ways you can care well is to write to someone who is incarcerated, to show them that someone cares. Randy’s address is listed below if you are so inclined. Perhaps you have spent some time […]

Thank You Power


Today I received in the mail a hand written thank you note! This is a most unusual event and one to be celebrated. I was so impressed by the gesture that the note now occupies a place on my desk. Many years ago, a business guru, Tom Peters ranked writing a thank you note to […]

Someday I Will


“Someday is not a day of the week.”  — Unknown We are surrounded by people who need our care. The problem is too often our hearts say “go” but our heads say “no” and we procrastinate. I procrastinate. Do you? Too often I follow the words of Mark Twain who said, “Never put off until […]