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What do you say to a friend who has a baby with a disability?


My first response is the old adage which says, “actions speak louder than words.” Of paramount importance is that your friend feels your love and support. Hold the baby.

*As one mother said, “Hold our baby. Holding the baby says, “This handicap is not a barrier. I accept this special little person.” You can even say this out loud to the baby and to the parent(s), “This handicap is not a barrier. I accept this special little person. I want to be a part of this baby’s life.”

They Like Me


Camp Sunshine offers people ages 12 to 50 years old with developmental disabilities the opportunity to attend summer camp in a safe, caring and inclusive environment. There is a joyful spirit about Camp Sunshine that is transformative for every person who attends – whether you’re a camper, counselor or volunteer. The camp has an atmosphere that honors all people with total acceptance and unconditional love.

The Whisper Test


One Person Can Make a Difference When we turn on our TVs or open our newspapers, we can be overwhelmed by the darkness:  the news is filled with stories of war, murder, rapes, child abuse, people losing their homes and retirements, and on and on . . . It is easy to feel pessimistic and […]

A Mother’s Story of Autism – For A Moment…


I’d like you to imagine that you are different than you are. Perhaps quite different. Imagine that when you want to tell me something you cannot get the words to come out. Maybe you have something important to tell me, like you are hurting, and you cannot find words to tell me, or you cannot speak the words in a way that I can understand. Perhaps because you are different, someone has been unkind to you, and you need me to know this…you need me to understand how this felt to you. You need me to love you…to reassure you that you are loved, and understood.