The Best Type of Valentine’s Card


Start now and create the best kind of Valentine’s card for your spouse or friend.

Here is how:
Purchase a beautiful card which is blank inside, or just use whatever paper is available.  Believe me, it isn’t the paper that is important here.  It’s the handwritten message.

Consider the questions:

  • Why do you love your spouse (or other special person)?
  • Why you are thankful for him/her?

Then write your answers down.  Be truthful.

A variation of the above is to purchase a book entitled, What I Love
About You Q&A Gift Book.  This book by Hallmark gives questions to which you can respond.  For example one topic is: “I love the little
everyday things we do together, like . . . .” and “A story about us that I never get tired of telling is. . . .”

So consider giving your special person a unique creative type of
Valentines card.  It may turn out to be her or his favorite Valentine

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