Breakfast In Bed For Dad – Easy Recipes


Surprise the dads with breakfast in bed.  We often think of breakfast in bed for moms on Mother’s Day, but I am betting that breakfast in bed for dads would surprise and please them.

For a simple breakfast, make a quick trip to McDonalds or Arby’s and pick up dad’s favorite fast-food breakfast. Have you ever tried Hardee’s biscuits? Recently my nieces served me a Hardee’s country ham biscuit, and it was delicious.  Or treat dad to breakfast at a restaurant with an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Or fix a simple breakfast at home.  Jenny Flake has a simple but attractive and delicious recipe for a strawberry yogurt parfait.  Ingredients:  purchased (ready to eat) angel food cake and break it into pieces, strawberries or blueberries, a favorite flavor of yogurt, broken up granola bar and a touch of honey on top.  Layer these ingredients in the glass following the order above.

To also see Jenny Flake’s easy omelet, go to Father’s Day Breakfast-in-Bed Ideas-YouTube.

You might also include on Dad’s tray other items he would enjoy: the morning newspaper, hand – made Father’s Day card, a picture of you making the breakfast,  and a flower.  (Dad’s appreciate beautiful flowers too!)

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