The Meaning of Easter


What would you say, if asked to describe the meaning of Easter? And let’s make it a bit of a challenge: your answer can only fill 53 seconds of time. Why 53 seconds? It’s the amount of time allotted for my radio show podcasts.

What would you say?

Here’s my answer:

An Easter song says, “Ev’ry morning is Easter morning from now on!    Ev’ry day is resurrection day, the past is over and gone!

Like Easter, when I see a sunrise, I see God giving me another chance. My loving God is giving me a brand new day to get it right: to try to live as Jesus lived. Each sunrise is like God giving me a clean sheet of paper, and, with God’s help, I can try again.

The Easter song continues:

Good-bye guilt, good-bye fear, good riddance! Hello, Lord, Hello sun!
I am one of the Easter People! My new life has begun!

My answer is that the Good News of Easter is about: grace, love, hope, and new life!


Photo credit: Duality Photos (https://goo.gl/YjdQxW)

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