Consider the Question


When you are caring for someone who is suffering, consider asking yourself, “What does this person enjoy doing during normal/healthy times?”

David enjoyed watching and identifying birds. So when he was seriously ill and spent most of his time in bed, a neighbor built a bird feeder which fit outside his bedroom window. David said, “I spend many pleasant moments watching the beautiful visitors to my new birdfeeder.” A nice additional gift would be a bird book or the APP: “IBird Pro” for the person’s phone or IPad. (For birdhouse kits and other instructions search “making bird houses” or find kits at Hobby Lobby or Michaels)

Take some time to think about what the person enjoys doing. What are his or her hobbies or interests?

Another woman said, “I enjoy writing notes and letters, and it would be delightful to receive some attractive writing paper or cards, a new pen, some stamps, and maybe a lap desk.”

So consider, “What are the person’s interests and hobbies?”

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