What To Say When Someone Is Crying


What do you say when someone is crying? You hate it when someone you care about cries.  You feel helpless, awkward and uneasy. You want to do something. So often you say things like, “It’ll be Okay. Don’t worry.” Kim Hamer says, “What a person needs when going through a crisis is a witness.  They need someone to acknowledge the fact that what they are going through is very difficult.  Their life is crappy.  They need you to be their witness.” What do you say when someone is crying?  You could say:

    • “I am so sorry that you are going through this.”
    • “Your pain breaks my heart.”

It is ok if you, the caregiver, also shed some tears.  As Nicholas Wolterstorff states, “Another’s tears are salve on our wounds.” Watch this video for more wisdom: What to Say When Someone Cries From: www.exactlywhattheyneed.com by Kim Hamer

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