The Power of Listening


Two ears, one mouth – pause – What might God be telling us?

Which do you prefer more when you’re dealing with an issue – someone telling you what you need to do, OR someone listening to you while you explain what’s going on?  I’m guessing most of you would choose the latter.

Intentional listening is powerful.

As an executive coach, I often feel like I’m not doing much when I spend most of my time just listening to my client.  And then, very often I’m told that my listening was powerful and helpful.

I have to admit, my clients often find answers to their issues just because I gave them space to express what’s going on.  You might say, I was just “listening them into an answer.”

Do you know someone that is struggling right now?  Would you like to bless them?  Consider asking them a question or two and then just listening.

Give it a try.  Thanks for listening!

By Rodger Price

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