Why Visit a Person Who Does Not Respond?


Why continue to visit a person when they do not respond?

“Even though your mother, father or loved one will not remember that you were there, know that your acts of love and kindness are appreciated IN THE MOMENT.  You are making a difference for that person IN THE MOMENT.” from boomerhighway.org

I remember a professional caregiver told me that it is important to keep visiting a person with dementia even when they cannot respond.  She said it was like going to a wonderful movie that is heartwarming, encouraging and positive and you walk out and you feel good about yourself and the world. That feeling may linger for several days.  That is what it is like for a person with dementia.  When you visit, they can feel your kindness and love.  They can’t put those feelings into words, but they feel the warmth and peace and love . . . . on the inside.

So reach out not only at Christmas time, but all through the year to those who have dementia. You will be blessed, and so will they. For more wisdom on this subject please go to  boomerhighway.org.

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