Keep Praying


For the past two weeks, a topic has repeatedly come into my awareness.  Finally, today I said, “Okay God, I hear you.  You must be nudging me to do a radio program on the importance of the prayers of mothers and grandmothers.”

Abraham Lincoln said, “I remember my Mother’s prayers, and they have followed me; they have clung to me all my life.  All that I am and hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

Another nudge which urged me to urge all mothers and grandmothers to keep praying for your children and grandchildren came from my daughter in-law, Kim.  She told me of an intern at ECHO in Florida who made the following comment:  “I was a kid smoking marijuana in middle school, but my grandmother prayed for me every day—day after day.  I became a Christian through a campus ministry in college.  Thank you, Grandma for praying.”

A third nudge came from a YouTube my son sent me.  It was about Jason Avant (watch the YouTube HERE).  As a young boy, Jason lived with his grandmother in the projects of south Chicago.  Most of his relatives lived with him and were gang bangers.  Drug dealings and drive by shootings were just a part of life.  He says, “I was selling drugs in the sixth grade.”  Jason’s grandmother took him to church and prayed for him constantly hoping he would find a way out.  She prayed over and over, “Lord may his life be different.  Let him do your will.”

Eventually, Jason was recruited by the University of Michigan to play football.  While at Michigan, he became a Christian.  After graduation, Jason went on for a great career with the Philadelphia Patriots.

After becoming a Christian, Jason went to see his grandmother and thanked her for all her prayers and for being a good person.  Jason told her it was because of her that he gave his life for Christ.  He said to her, “Thank you for helping me to find the right path. Thank you for all your prayers for me.”

Mothers and grandmothers keep praying for your children and grandchildren.  You are making a difference.

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